Watch Royal Enfield Bullet dance! This video will make your day during Covid-19 lockdown

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Watch Royal Enfield Bullet dance! This video will make your day during Covid-19 lockdown

Ever seen a Royal Enfield Bullet Dance?

Here is an amusing video showcasing the dancing capabilities of a royal enfield bullet dance.

If you are a biker, then we are quite sure that the ongoing lockdown must have left you restless and itchy to ride your beloved motorcycle again. However, in the interest of safety, it is better to stay indoors for the time being so that the situation becomes better and everything returns to the normal pace.

Now, very recently, a Royal Enfield owner found an interesting way to beat this boredom and he did that with the help of three RE bikes out of which, one is Classic 350 and the other one Bullet 350. What you can do in the amusing video below that the three Royal Enfields are parked on their side stands and are rotating with the engine running. The sight of Royal Enfield motorcycles rotating in this royal enfield bullet dance manner brings a lot of amusement and makes for a great and quite funny sight.

Watch Royal Enfield Bullet dance in this video: 

@mohitpanditnoida♬ original sound – 13Ravinarwal

Now for those of you who must be wondering how this happened, the motorcycles were able to do this by putting them on first gear from neutral and gradually releasing the clutch till the time the rear tyre starts to rotate and some momentum is built. A lot of people also do this with the help of choke in order to maintain the engine rpm a bit higher than idle. 

It is great to see that bikers bullet dance still manage to do something interesting with their machines despite not riding them. In order to make the most of your quarantine, you can also try such activities (but with utmost safety).

Also, it is best for a biker to maintain his or her bike in top condition and hence, cleaning, washing and maintaining it can also be quite soothing for you. Let us know what are you doing in your quarantine period and have you managed to beat the boredom? We would love to hear some interesting stories. Stay tuned with Express Drives for more such updates!

Video source: @mohitpanditnoida (TikTok)


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