Dug Dug Basic Essential Kit – (10 in 1 Combo)

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Dug Dug Basic Essential Kit – (10 in 1 Combo)

Chain Cleaning Kit

First products in Dug Dug Basic Essential Kit is Chain cleaning combo kit includes a Chain Cleaner, Chain Lubricant and a Chain Cleaning Brush. These three are the must haves to clean your bike chain after a small trip or a long trip which affects the chain with dirt and mud which get sticks to it. This combo will help you clean the chain most effectively with WESAF Chain Cleaner and Chain Lube.


Cross Bar

Cross Bar gets connected to the middle of the handlebar. The main feature of the crossbar is that it reduces vibration in the handlebar which helps rider on long rides or in city traffic. Without the handle bar rod the rider feels so much vibration in the mirrors and the handle but after installing crossbar., the vibration gets reduced drastically and makes a ride more comfortable.


Grip Wrap


The main purpose of grip wraps is that they make gripping more comfortable. While on the stock grips, your hand starts feeling pain after clocking few kilometers. But after installation of the grip wraps the gripping gets softer. You get better grip and there are no traces of pain in hand on long rides which is very important as all the time while riding your hands will be on the grips.


Seat Covers


Dug Dug seat covers are manufactured with finest quality Leatherite material by taking comfort as the utmost priority. These seat covers are internally padded with high quality density foam and heavy quality stitching around edges for longer life of the seat covers and comfortable longer rides. Dug Dug Seat Covers are scratch resistant, strain resistant and very easy to clean.


Body Cover


Premium Water Resistant Material Protects your vehicle from Dust, UV Rays, Birds Droppings, Scratches etc. Internal Engine Parts Get Protected From Dust And Moisture. Belt And Buckle Helps To Hold Cover In All Weather Conditions And Heavy Winds. Triple Stitching Is Used For Making This Cover To Provide Durability To Cover.

LED Parking Bulbs

Dug Dug Basic Essential Kit LED Parking Bulbs are direct replacement to stock parking bulbs. Dug Dug Parking Bulbs are bigger in size, brighter and lasts longer. Dug Dug Basic Essential Kit LED Bulbs are Easy to install. No Strain on battery. Better than traditional Bulb. Perfect fir for Royal Enfield Tiger Eye Parking Bulb.

Disk Lock


This is your travel partner with bike for disc brake. Protects bike from theft. Heavy metal disc brake lock. Easy to use and store lock.


Indicator Buzzer

Made Of Good Quality ABS Plastic. Buzzer type: Piezoelectric sound pressure level 95 dB. Frequency: 3900±500Hz. Operating voltage: 3 – 24V current & Easy to install.


Bar End Mirrors

Suitable for Royal Enfield. Easy to Install & Remove in handle bar ends. Made from premium quality material. Full Metal Body.


Grill Set

Last from Dug Dug Basic Essential Kit is Grill Set which is Made from Iron light and good quality. It consists of 8 Pieces (Headlight, Tiger Eye, Tail Light, Indicators). It protects your Royal Enfield Accessories i.e. lights, headlamp, tail light, indicators and parking lights and gives retro look to the bike.

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Dug Dug Basic Essential Kit – (10 in 1 Combo)


  • 10 in 1 Dug Dug Basic Essential Kit: Dug Dug presents the must-have essentials 10 in 1 Dug Dug Essential Combo Kit kit that includes Chain Cleaner – Lubricant with Cleaning Brush, Grip Wraps in 3 Colors (Tan – Brown – Black), Seat Covers – (Black) – (Brown), Body Cover – (Black), LED Parking Bulbs – (White – Red – Blue), Disk Lock, Indicator Buzzer, Bar End Mirrors – (Round – Oval – Petal), Grill Set of 8 Pc – (Black – Shade – Diamond Cut)
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Made to last longer, all components of Dug Dug Motorcycles Essential Kit are manufactured using the finest grade basic materials so that they can serve their purpose even in the most harsh riding situations.
  • COMPLETE COMFORT & PROTECTION: Dug Dug Basic Essential Kit for Royal Enfield is an ideal option to ensure a hassle-free and comfortable ride without making a fuss. Basic elements that are needed apart from stock motorcycle accessories to make your ride comfortable.
  • EASY INSTALLATION/USABILITY: It doesn’t require a visit to any professional to get help for installation or usability of our Kit. You can simply place/install/use these accessories by yourself as and when needed.
  • MADE TO PERFECTION: Each of the offered components of Dug Dug Basic Essential Kit – (10 in 1 Combo) is designed exactly as per the requirement of your motorcycle. These accessories are the perfect option for aftermarket modification of your Royal Enfield for extra protection and comfort.