Multi Purpose Rope for Leg Guard for All Bikes (Black)

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Multi Purpose Rope for Leg Guard for All Bikes (Black)


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  • Vehicle Compatibility: All Bikes and Scooters (Geared/Non-Geared) of any model
  • This is a multi purpose rope that can be fitted along the leg guard of bikes and in front of the non-geared vehicles
  • This multi-purpose rope is a very useful product and can be used to tow other vehicles in case of breakdown when driving on highways, mountains or on long drives
  • Another utility of this rope is to tie your long ranger bags, saddle bags or any broken piece during trekking, highway or other long drives
  • This rope also prevents the crash or leg guard from rusting, these ropes are tightly wrapped around crash guard and minimize the actual contact of guard from air thereby almost preventing the oxidation (hence rusting) preventing corrosion
  • No scratches on crash guards – in case of crashes the bike’s crash guard is safe and damage is minimum to its shine because of the layer of these ropes, even the minor scratches can be prevented if the ropes are properly wrapped around
  • Non-breakable, non-abrasive rope gives your bike a totally different and new look
  • The length of the rope is 26 meters which is very much sufficient to cover your crash guard

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