Yamaha MT 15 FlashX Hazard System Module Flasher Blinker



FlashX Hazard System

Yamaha MT 15 FlashX Hazard System is a cool hazard flash module for your motorcycle which is a plug and play device that allows you to choose different combination of blink patterns on your motorcycle. Stop worrying about cutting and splicing of wires as this one just plugs into the stock socket of your motorcycle. Too many switches on your handle bar and no more space to mount another ? problem solved !! We have integrated it with stock indicator switches of your motorcycle with just the combination of right, left, right and center clicks.


• 60 on board blinking patterns
• 2+1 = 3 year hassle free warranty
• Compatible with motorcycles having indicators with LEDS or regular bulbs
• Water Resistant
• You can select quick/slow/patrolling flash patterns of your choice
• No Switch Required
• OEM Grade Components
• Shockproof
• Memory Recall
• Slim & Sleek Design

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FlashX Hazard System

What is the Flashing Hazard System?

Flashing Hazard System is a blinker module which is connected into the motorcycle wiring lighting system. This tool gives the bike’s direction indicator various blinking effects. This FlashX Hazard System available on dugdugmotorcycles.com comes with 60 different blinking formats and any one of them can be selected using OEM indicator switch as no extra switch is required in it to change the patterns.

This Hazard Module is very easily to install and doesn’t cost a bomb, unlike other bike accessories. Also, it doesn’t need any wiring alteration; hence the stock wiring remains safe. Let’s talk about compatibility of this product with bulbs, this module system is compatible with motorcycles having indicators with LEDS or regular bulbs. it is completely water resistant and shock proof. You can select quick/slow/patrolling flash patterns of your choice.


How do Flashing Hazard System makes riding safe?

These lights are nothing but a modified form of hazard lights (which are available in the stock form in some motorcycles). Flasher lights are designed to attract attention out there on the road. These can be deployed at times when the visibility is quite low for example during the night time or foggy conditions. Apart from being useful, you will also agree onto the fact that they make the motorcycle look good, especially when riding with a group and all the bikes are lit-up with flasher lights.

These lights can also be used when a vehicle is pulled over to the side of the road, to make the motorcycle more visible to the on-going traffic.

Also, it is recommended that you use LED direction indicator lights since LED lights are much brighter compared to the traditional halogen lamp lights, also they have a much longer life cycle compared to other traditional lights.

Since flasher lights change the pattern of lights and make the lamps blink much faster than usual, hence these lights are more compatible to be used with LED directional indicators. Also, make sure that you visit a certified mechanic or electric technician for easy and safe installation these lights.


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