Anti-Theft Alarm System for All Bikes

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Anti-Theft Alarm System for All Bikes


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  • Vehicle Compatibility: All Bikes and Scooters (Geared/Non-Geared) of any model
  • Features motion sensors that detect when your bike is being manhandled while locked
  • 125 Decibels of Sound output that is audible at long distances
  • Keys come with a number of dedicated buttons for a number of functionalities like locating your bike, ignition on and off, locking and unlocking, etc.
  • The unit can receive signals from the keys even at distances as much as 100 metres
  • Every set is configured on a unique frequency that is shared only by the keys and the main unit so no duplicity of keys is possible
  • The product is made of premium quality plastic and is waterproof to ensure durability
  • The wiring of the system is very easy and can even be carried out at home with a slight knowledge of electrical circuits
  • Buy Genuine products from only. Customer Care Number: +91-8929797589

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