Dug Dug Heavy Quality Bike Body Cover for Honda CB350


Dug Dug Heavy Quality Bike Body Cover for Honda CB350

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  • Dug Dug Bike Body Cover protects bike from rain and dust more effectively than any other bike body cover available.
  • Protect the vehicle against UV Rays and Monsoon After Effects
  • Protects all the chrome parts from rust and wearing
  • Cover with both left and right mirror pockets
  • Protects paint from direct sun damage
  • Make In India
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Protects all weather

Dug Dug bike cover prevents rain and direct sunlight from damaging the paint and chrome parts for the bike.




Paint longer life

Sun damages the paint of the bike if in direct contact to it for too long. This may does not appear immediately, but in the long run, the color fades away which destroys the overall appeal of a motorbike. Dug Dug Bike Body cover will prevent this from happening to your bike.




Keeps chrome parts rust-free

This cover protects the major and most effected parts of the bikes which are chrome parts. Once chrome parts starts getting rusted, rust will stick forever. Other than this rain water from seeping into internal parts, thereby rendering the engine parts, the gear chain, etc. rust-free and corrosion-free.




Comes with a storage bag

Dug Dug bike body cover comes in a sturdy and heavy storage cover which accommodates the cover when folded. That solves the issue of neat storage when the cover is not in use.




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Weight 1.0 kg

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