Vesrah Ceramic Brake Pads for Royal Enfield Reborn 350



About this item

  • Ceramic Brake Pads
  • HH Rated Brake Pads
  • Good Initial Bite
  • Super Stop
  • Good Wet Handling
  • Extended Life
  • Less Brake Dust
  • Made in Japan
  • Vesrah Brake Pads Reborn 350

Vesrah Brake Pads Reborn 350


All-weather riding
Quick recovery of braking power in wet conditions. Water evaporates almost instantly because metal-metal friction produces and maintains high temperature without fading.

Sintered metal is designed to maintain the same friction coefficients throughout racing temperatures. This means no softening or vaporizing. Our special steel back plate provides dimensional stability.

Braking characteristics
Racers develop their own skills and styles to their best advantage, such as earlier and rapid acceleration or sharp and deep cornering.


About Vesrah: 

Vesrah, a Japanese company, is a Brake pads specially manufacturer and sales company with accumulated know-how and experience since 1950.
Vesrah was established as a bicycle OEM brake manufacturer in 1950 and began to supply motorcycle brakes to an OEM (Company “T”). Company “T” was a major player in the market at that time.
Vesrah ceramic metal pads gained very strong recognition and demand among AMA, Moto American and WERA riders. Especially, XX, SS, and ZZ materials are very popular among racers in USA. Vesrah Brake Pads Reborn 350


Vesrah Advantages: 

As new models are introducing globally, we first develop and manufacture brakes and oil filters (among other parts) for Japanese as well as for non-domestic vehicles. We are aiming to be the company to go to, especially when you have trouble finding excellent quality parts that you are looking for.
Vesrah aims to supply parts that are synonymous with Reliable, Safety and Unfailing in living up to customers’ expectation.
Vesrah has 100% exclusive manufacturing at Japan factory.


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