Dug Dug TORNADO Performance Exhaust SS-304 with dB Killer for Super Meteor 650



Brand Dug Dug
Model Tornado
Grade SS-304
dB Killers Yes
Finish Glossy, Matt
Weight 5.2 kg
Type Slip-On Exhaust



  • Vehicle Compatibility: Super Meteor 650
  • Sporty note with deep bass
  • Performance and initial pick-up increase with more power
  • Ceramic wool packing for higher thermal resistance
  • dB killer – just one bolt away to keep sound back to stock
  • Available in Polished (Glossy) and Brushed (Matt) Finish
  • Proudly Made in India


Dug Dug Tornado Performance Exhaust SS-304 with dB Killers for Super Meteor 650

Dug Dug Is proud to offer our new performance range of exhausts made for Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650. One of the best ways to quickly and inexpensively customize your 650 Twins is to add a set of slip-on mufflers. Dug Dug Tornado Exhaust replaces your stock exhaust with high performance free flow output with optimal increase in performance pickup and power. With Dug Dug Tornado Slip-ons, you will get the benefit of increased performance and the bellowing, throaty growl of a SS-304 premium exhaust. In addition to the performance and sound, you get SS-304 joint shields with stylish look which is blue proof compliment over the Exhaust and Pipe Joint bodies.

Dug Dug Tornado Exhaust comes with ceramic wool insulation. In addition to all the pros, Dug Dug Tornado Exhaust consists of dB killer that keeps it the sound as good as stock once installed back after the adrenaline rush.


  • Vehicle Compatibility: These slip-ons are perfect and direct fit to your Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650
  • SS-304 Grade Material ensures no rust ever. Perfect Finish, Anti-rust.
  • dB Killers included to convert back to stock sound. One screw dB Killers for easy and fast installation
  • High Quality Premium Ceramic wool Insulation used to make sure the heat stays on control
  • Improves engine performance carefully engineered design ensures quick outflow of noxious gases
  • Available in Polished and Brushed (Matt) Finish.
  • Made In India


Important information

Legal Disclaimer:

An any aftermarket exhaust sold in the world, Dug Dug Exhausts also may be only legal to use in off road and closed circuit racing. Like any other aftermarket product, the use of Dug Dug Exhausts may void the manufacturers warranty and it is the sole responsibility of the buyer and Dug Dug or it’s dealers or team members are in no way responsible for any loss or damage to the motorcycle or the rider (not limited to loss of life) that arises from the use / improper use of their products. The buyer assumes full responsibility and hereby agrees to indemnify Dug Dug, its dealers and employees from any loss or damage (financially, legally or otherwise).

The buyer also understands that it is his/her sole responsibility to handle the damage or loss if any that may arise by improper use of the Dug Dug products or by using the product for the purpose it is not made for.




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